Bella Rose


Inspired by centuries of rich history, Bella Rose is the perfect balance between luxury and authenticity. Shrouded in the forests and hills of Lynchburg, Virginia, Bella Rose boasts an impressive array of on-site locations, including the historic Rosedale Mansion, Graves Mill, and Johnson Cottage, as well as our Honeymoon Treehouse, and creek-side ceremony rotunda. No matter the occasion, Bella Rose is well-equipped to make your wedding and special event dreams a reality.

Graves Mill

Named after Elizabeth Graves, this historic mill onsite serves as an alternative to outdoor event space. The beautiful interior of the mill-house is perfect for events and for anyone desiring a rustic setting. The mill is used as a fully operational event venue with availability for wedding receptions and several other special occasion rentals. Graves Mill provides brides the amazing experience of being able to say, “I do,” as water flows over the waterwheel and through lush tiered gardens that act as a scenic backdrop to a beautiful ceremony.

Rosedale Mansion

Rosedale Mansion is a bridal haven. The top floor of the mansion houses an elaborate and expansive wedding suite for brides to prepare for their special day. This suite doubles as a studio used for wedding portraits taken throughout the week. Surrounding the house is a spacious lawn that serves as a fresh outdoor setting for weddings and events. The historic design of the mansion along with the beautiful landscaping and lighting provide a unique and incredible backdrop for any special occasion.

Creekside Rotunda

Bella Rose offers a stunning creekside rotunda fit for only the most elegant of wedding ceremonies. The rotunda proudly displays pure white Doric columns that support an exquisite ceiling of radiant stained glass reminiscent of ancient cathedrals. This rotunda overlooks our lawn that provides church pew-style seating for guests. Feint sounds of running water can be heard from Tomahawk Creek, as it flows parallel to the lawn. An elegantly long aisle leads to the rotunda, ready for brides to walk down and begin the rest of their story.

Preserve Conservatory

The Preserve at Bella Rose is the newest addition to our picturesque venue. This exquisite conservatory is an open gallery to the surrounding trees and scenic fields, bringing the beauty of each season into its ambient interior. Whether guests desire a sun kissed backdrop or a charming haven on a rainy day, The Preserve doubles as a reception space and a ceremony option, allowing an additional choice for each unforgettable event at Bella Rose. The spacious 40’ by 80’ structure accommodates up to 200 guests and features detailed stonework, an expansive patio, and a cozy fireplace along with sliding barn doors and a loft that’s perfect for a band or DJ.

Christopher Johnson Cottage

Just up the hill from the mill stands the Christopher Johnson Cottage. Built in 1764, this building has truly stood the test of time. The once quaint cottage has been renovated, and is now used as a space in which the groom’s party may get ready for the big day. The Johnson Cottage interior has been outfitted with all French furniture and wall detailing, giving the rustic space a truly authentic feel. The decor of the cottage emphasizes comfort for its guests, who also have options to enjoy full catering services during their preparation time.

Honeymoon Treehouse

Step into an entirely unique, luxurious lodging option with Entwined Events. Our Honeymoon Treehouse at Bella Rose, created by Animal Planet’s “Treehouse Masters”, provides an unforgettable experience for our newly married couples, as they retreat together into the trees of our serene and picturesque venue. This stunning lodge, with classic architecture that blends seamlessly with the history of our estate, is the perfect option for couples to ensure their lodging is as special as the rest of their wedding day.

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